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Yamaha QT-1 Metronome Review

Yamaha QT1
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The Yamaha QT-1 is a round, turquoise, compact quartz metronome. It has volume control loud enough to hear in live rehearsals with two different beat sounds. It also has a flashing red indicator and tempo settings between 40 and 208 BPM. It is a quartz metronome which is compact and able to be easily transported. With a distinctly round shape, it has the tendency to fall off of surfaces such as a music stand and lacks a headphone jack, making it somewhat difficult for individual practice. The red light indicator offers a signal for the tempo and the tempo capacity ranges from 40 to 208 BPM. Controls are built into the bottom for any tempo references. It comes with a standard pitch of 440 Hz tone so that you can tune your instrument. While some might not appreciate the single color option, it makes it easy to find despite being compact. With adjustable volume controls, this metronome allows you to gradually fade the sound out. No longer worrying about the time it takes sound to travel, the flashing red light allows you to practice with instruments and keep in time. This also makes it an easy tool to incorporate during a performance in a discreet manner. The battery life lasts a long time, making it great to bring along to extensive rehearsals.


  1. It offers a distinct timbre.
  2. It can be heard during live rehearsals.
  3. It is uncomplicated and easy to use.
  4. It offers two different click sounds.


  1. It only comes in a bright turquoise color.
  2. It is round in shape so it rolls off of a music stand easily.
  3. It does not contain an earphone jack.
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The Yamaha QT-1 is a round, turquoise, compact q...

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